“When I was five, I had a vision of the world of peace and abundance. The world of happy people and serene children playing on the green grass. This vision became my life compass.

I believe in the importance of transforming humanity’s mindset on the global technological and economic developments, and gaining the insights and tools for building a better future for ourselves, for the global community, and for our civilization.

I work on the development of frameworks for cultivating a human advancement, via applying the intersection of technology, global finance, politics, and ethics. I believe that together, they hold a tremendous potential for the new era of transformation for the ways we live, socialize, and work as a global society.

I am fortunate to work with people who champion these efforts and stand up for what is right. Doing so is the reminder that the involvement of each one of us in affecting change matters. It is imperative.

Coming together as an ethical intellectual global community,  we are in the position for facilitating a sustainable and peaceful future for us and future generations.

I invite you to join me on enabling this vision. Let us work at it together, starting now.

If this resonates with you, feel free to contact me here.