Throughout her career, Ms. Kamalova has managed a wide range of investments. She started investing in blockchain in 2015 and conducted due diligence on $200m worth of investments. Elvina was named as one of the early innovators of the blockchain industry by Forbes and as a woman to watch in crypto & blockchain. 

Elvina manages portfolio at SVBS - a global, invite-only network of global investors. SVBS is focused on institutional capital, angels, family offices, corporate & venture capital, as well as on bringing the cross-stage expertise to the long-term future of the decentralized ecosystem.


She is also with Chainfund Capital, where she managed the investment portfolio that includes Coinbase, Bakkt, Securitize, Oasis Labs, and Good Money. Here, Elvina provides strategic support to portfolio companies.

Previously, Elvina led the product management for a software solution recording debts and credits on blockchain. Credit Protocol recorded the first credit transaction on blockchain and became a platform for launching one of the first decentralized applications Earlier, Elvina held positions at a venture capital firm Sogal ventures and pioneered Ernst & Young USA FinTech Advisory Group where she worked with some of the world’s biggest financial corporations on building multi-million dollars financial technology solutions.

Elvina supports technology and entrepreneurship-related education. She served as a Vice Chair of Girls in Technology - an organization that believes that it is practical to have the voice of half of the world's potential to be heard at the highest levels of decision making for affecting a sustainable world, and helps women and girls in these efforts by working closely with men and women who champion effective change implementation.

Elvina is the recipient of the USA President Barack Obama Volunteer Service Award.

She graduated summa cum laude with masters in finance and technology from George Washington University with honors, and received an accelerated business degree from Stanford. She also completed a Venture Capital Investment program at Stanford Center for Professional Studies in collaboration with 500 Startups. She currently lives in San Francisco, CA.

Elvina exercises her strategic background and her vision for the global improvement through supporting companies and founders focused on disruptive innovation that enhances the ways we live, socialize, and work as a global society.